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At Loving Arms, we recognize the importance of a high-quality Preschool with extended childcare program and we are privileged to provide a unique childcare center that offers a strong Christian education with academic excellence. Jesus is a part of everything we do here at Loving Arms! We give Him thanks and learn about Him through the Bible stories we share with the children.


Our Programs

At Loving Arms Children's Center, teaching your child is something we take very seriously. Children at LACC receive a solid Christian Education with academic excellence in our Preschool program. LACC is one of the only Christian centers in the metro area. Each classroom works to help children learn at their age level and prepare them for the next class.

  • Two Year Old Program: The two year old's work on identifying shapes, colors, pictures, and feelings. They also work on developing both small and large motor skills.
  • Three Year Old Program: The three year old's work on letter recognition, calendar, shapes, colors, patterns, and more! They also work on social skills that involve sharing and preliminary problem-solving skills.
  • Four Year Old Program: The four year old's continue to practice many of the skills started in the three's. Learning appropriate social skills is a high priority, so the children are prepared for Kindergarten. They also learn letter sounds, blends, and beginning word recognition. Our curriculum for this age is based upon the Kindergarten Readiness criteria used in Johnston, Des Moines, and Ankeny Public Schools.


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Of the 3 daycare centers that my 3 children have attended over the years, Loving Arms is hands down my top pick. My 5&1/2 year old started right when he turned 3 and my almost 3 year old started when she was 6 weeks old. The center has a very loving and caring atmosphere and I know my children are always being well cared for, from the baby room all the way through to the preschool room. Academically speaking they have learned so much-they are always bringing home interesting projects and artwork, and my 5 year old learned his letters and sounds so well that I've been able to teach him how to read at home! They are also excited to see their friends and teachers every day. But the real difference is in the Christian education my children are receiving. The kids love to sing bible songs and tell bible stories and they absolutely light up when they talk about Jesus! I highly recommend Loving Arms to anyone looking for high quality care.
- Jill G